Courtney Pierce | Overcoming Two Cancer Diagnoses

Courtney and her husband, Quincy

In June 2019, Courtney Pierce was still recovering from thyroid cancer surgery and treatment when a colonoscopy detected she had Stage 1 colon cancer. She was only 30 years old. "The news of another cancer didn't seem real at first. I was in shock for a while," states Courtney. She described her colon cancer treatment as the "simple" route. Courtney had surgery that removed part of her colon but did not need additional treatment. However, the recovery from surgery was more difficult than she anticipated with a five-day hospital stay and an extended healing process.

Courtney and her children, Ethan and Haelynn

Being diagnosed with two types of cancer in such a short period took a toll on Courtney's mental and emotional health. She felt fortunate to have a comprehensive support system that included her family, friends, coworkers, and healthcare providers. She shares, "I had great doctors that listened to me and assisted me in finding the help I needed."

Courtney's message for her peers: "No matter your age and your family history, you should not ignore the signs and listen to your own body." Courtney does not have a family history of colon cancer. She continues, "You need to be your own health advocate and ask questions. If you don’t feel like you’re being heard, keep searching until you find a healthcare provider who listens and goes the extra mile to help. You know your body better than anyone else."



Courtney Pierce, LMTP, NCTMB, is an Oncology Massage Therapist at Bismarck Cancer Center.

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